In 1999, Foshan Hemei Ceramics Co., Ltd. was established;

In 2001, it successfully launched the "Heimei" brand and realized the multi-brand operation.

In 2002, passed the ISO9001; 2000 international quality system certification;

In 2002, it was recommended by the national building materials authority such as the National Building Materials Bureau and the China Construction Building Materials Industry Association to the national construction project;

In 2002, he stepped out of the country and obtained the right to self-export, and obtained the "People's Republic of China Import and Export Qualification Certificate."

In 2003, it passed the inspection of China Light Industry Quality Certification Center and obtained the title of Class A environmental protection ceramics;

In 2004, it was awarded AAA quality credit enterprise by China Quality Credit Evaluation Center;

In 2005, the company passed the ISO14001 environment system certification and became one of the few ISO9001 and ISO14001 dual-certified companies in the industry;

In 2005, it was named "National Construction Project Recommended Use Product";

In 2006, it was awarded the title of “Integrity Unit” by Foshan Consumer Council;

In 2007, Hemei was awarded the top 100 most competitive medium and small-sized enterprises in Guangdong Province;

In 2007, the company was honored as “High-tech Enterprise in Guangdong Province”, “Second-class Qualified Measurement Unit in Guangdong Province” and “Chemical Engineering Research Center for New Building Materials in Nanhai District”, becoming the ten most powerful supporting buildings in Nanhai District of Foshan City. One of the ceramic manufacturers;

In 2008, the company was approved to establish the "Green Building Ceramics Research and Development Center in Foshan City";

In 2008, Hemei Ceramic won the "Guangdong Famous Brand Product";

In 2008, the “Jade Stone” ceramic-coating composite sheet won the Foshan City Science and Technology Award.

In 2008, it was named "Guangdong Provincial Building Materials Industry Excellent Enterprise in Energy Saving and Emission Reduction";

In 2008, he was awarded as “Outstanding Contribution Enterprise of Building Material Industry in Guangdong Province for 30 Years of Reform and Opening Up”.

In 2009, "The Emerald Stone" won the Silver Prize in the China Ceramic Product Design Competition.

In 2011, it passed the second-level measurement assurance system certification of Guangdong Province;

In 2011, it won the honorary title of China's green, energy saving and environmental protection building materials products;

In 2011, it was awarded as a high-tech enterprise in Guangdong Province;

In 2012, Hemei Ceramics won the honorary title of Guangdong Famous Brand Product;

In 2013, Hemei Ceramics was awarded Guangdong Famous Trademark;

In 2014, Hemei Ceramics won the title of “Top Ten Brands of Ceramics”, “Preferred Brand for Green Environmental Protection” and “Top Ten Brands for Ceramic Industry”

In 2015, "Italian wood grain" won the annual outstanding product of the Chinese ceramic industry.

In 2015, Pingping glazed "fish belly white" won the 3rd China-Italy Design Contest Excellence Award.

In 2015, Hemei Ceramics won the honor of “Top Ten Brands of Chinese Architectural Ceramics”.

In 2016, Hemei Ceramics won the “Top Ten Brands in China's Ceramic Industry”, “China Ceramic Industry Famous Brand Products” and “Green Environmental Protection Preferred Brand”.