How to decorate a small apartment seems relatively large


In general, the small-sized apartment that is now referred to is a 40m2--100m2 house. Small-sized units have wonderful, compact, small-sized units.

Exquisite, but at the same time there are shortcomings of space cramped, furniture is not easy to display. Xiaobian reminds that if you want to build a small apartment home function

Perfect, beautiful and generous, you can attach importance to space layout, color, furniture, soft decoration and other processing methods, as long as

Reasonably, small units can also become very "large."

In general, small-sized units should pay attention to four points in space utilization, namely, upward development, downward struggle, flexible use, and dead ends.
Upward development: give full play to the upper part of the room, if the height of the house is high enough, you can use its excess height to make "attic"


Fight down: pay attention to the storage function under the furniture such as sitting and lying; use inconspicuous dead space and make full use of space


Flexible use: Use the multifunctional use of furniture to expand the versatility of the space.

The color of the decoration is elegant. Small-sized homes are usually fainted by the cramped architecture and the small windows.

Dark and narrow, so we must pay more attention to the design of the overall color of home decoration. Deep and depressing shades have the feeling of reducing space.

It is best to avoid this kind of color. Cream, light rice, light green, light purple and other color systems are more suitable for small units.

If you want to break the monotony that light-colored tones may bring, consider matching dark-colored jewelry and furniture. Also note that the variety of colors in the various decorative parts of the room should not be too complex, otherwise it will create visual pressure.

When the tiles in the building materials market are getting bigger and bigger, the owners have become more and more ardent in choosing large ceramic tiles. Many people think that

The larger the tile size, the more upscale. However, those smaller size tiles often make the small spaces look great.

On the small size of the ground, it will create a large-sized apartment.

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