Hemei ceramics, stunning debut Hangzhou Rabbit Fair


Hemei ceramics, stunning debut Hangzhou Rabbit Fair

Before the start of the event, marketing department planning and sales elites arrived in Hangzhou to assist with the exhibition and conduct detailed event guidance. March in Hangzhou is already in early spring

Festival, the weather is still warm and cold, the United States ceramics exhibitors, add a touch of green for the spring day.




At the event site, the beautiful Hemei ceramics exhibition area, rows of neatly laid golden eggs, attracted many visitors to come for consultation and purchase, in the staff's constant

Thanks to hard work, detailed explanations and many favorable policies, Hemei Ceramics has signed a single Jiezhen news, and Hangzhou Hemei has become a highly anticipated product of this Fair brand.





The purpose of this event is to thank the vast numbers of consumers in Hangzhou for their support and love. Through this time, the dog and dog home will meet the high-quality products of Hemei Ceramics, and the excellent service will be passed on.

Handing in more local customers and bringing a great product feast for everyone