Teach you how to identify the quality of the shop


Home decoration tile shop is good, mainly to see the master's craft, but to find a good teacher can not be easy.
There are many owners who do not know how to identify tile tiles. It is only after some time after arrival that there are many loopholes in the paving process.

Bring a lot of trouble.

Learning about tile-laying-related knowledge is very beneficial to owners. Today Xiaobian teaches you how to identify tile tiles.

Tile tiles good and bad identification methods
Check the flatness of the tiles, you can use about 2m long aluminum alloy square tube (or other objects can be used on the ruler) on the posted tiles, if

The tile surface can be seamless with the square pipe, which is a very qualified tile construction

Check the seams when laying ceramic tile, visually tile the tiles, and then leave the seams vertical and vertical to each other, and the gap is uniform. The gaps between the seams are not filled or not.

Sewing materials should meet the requirements.

Tile tiles good and bad identification methods
Check whether there is hollowing in the tile paving. Use a wooden stick or a hammer to hold the wooden stick with two fingers. Tap each tile while walking on the edge.

The middle of the brick and the four sides should be noted that they must be checked after 3 days. If the sound of a knock is empty, it is a sound of empty drums.

More real, no problem. If the empty drum reaches 1/3 of the tiles, then this tile needs to be re-attached, otherwise it will easily get smashed or fall off.

Precautions for paving wall tiles

When the grassroots is being dealt with, all kinds of dirt on the wall should be cleaned and watered and moistened one day in advance. When the grassroots is a new wall, when the cement mortar is 70% dry,

Rows of bricks, bullets, sticky towel wall tiles should be made.

Tiles must be soaked in clean water for more than 2 hours before they are affixed.

Precautions for paving floor tiles
Tiles should be immersed in water for half a day before use. Bricks should not bubble.
Kitchens and bathrooms should have a gradient of water, no water, no backflow of water. Damage to the original waterproof layer during construction shall be treated with waterproofing.

leak. And after the laying of the floor tiles, the brick surface shall be covered with cardboard, etc. After laying for 1 hour, the cement, caulking agent or other adhesive remaining on the tiles shall be promptly

Smeared objects were wiped clean, and after 12 hours, the knocking inspection was performed. It took at least 24 hours to walk on the brick surface.