We are not walking in routines but 50 km on foot


Is everyone today's WeChat sports chart like an ocean of orange like Xiao Bian?

Do you think it's strange that why do small friends who usually walk a few thousand steps in today's world break both ways?

Because the once-a-year 50 kilometers of Foshan walked away today~~
Spring blossoms and the recovery of all things is an excellent opportunity to appreciate the delightful scenery of the early spring and cultivate the temperament! In order to promote the spirit of collaboration among employees in the company,

Staying away from sub-health, enhancing the physical constitution of employees, allowing employees to relax their minds during stressful work, enhancing mutual understanding among colleagues, and enhancing corporate cohesion and

Centripetal force. Guangdong Hemei Ceramics Co., Ltd. organized employees to participate in a 50-kilometer trekking event in Foshan.

We can not only see our figure on the South China Sea Line this year, but we can also see us on the Chancheng Line! !

Before leaving, everyone stood in the spring and smiled.

This year, we also sent you a cool oh

Just take a picture with your hand and you will get a cool cool fan.

Gain support from many hikers on site.

In the big sun, coupled with such a small fan so practical, it really will be a lot of comfort.

This walk, all the way to relax, all faces full of smiles, enjoy the free fresh oxygen bar of nature, colleagues challenged their own

Physical strength and endurance promoted the spirit of teamwork and cooperation. It also demonstrated the good spirit of the beauty and beauty.

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