3.8 Goddess Day, Happy Mountain Walk


To better reflect the company’s concern for female employees, to affirm the female employees’ contribution to the company, to increase female-to-woman communication, and to promote team cohesion, reflecting the company’s

The care and respect of female colleagues, and the strengthening of communication and communication among employees, on the day of Women’s Day on March 8th, Guangdong Hemei Ceramics Co., Ltd. organized the whole

Female employees feel the breath of spring in Xiqiao Mountain Scenic Area and enjoy the care of nature.








After praying for the blessing, the goddesses came to the ancient village on the top of the mountain, Yundun Village, to enjoy the mountain specialties and taste the authentic landscape bean curd.



After lunch, the rain stopped, and the goddesses came to: Sifang Bamboo Tea Garden,
Enjoy beautiful camellia. The tea garden is not only diverse in variety, but also dazzling in color. Camellia blooms all over the slopes and is colorful, as if the seven-colored clouds fall into the mountains.
The goddesses walked along the tea garden path, taking pictures of Camellia trees and swimming between trees and flowers.

Listen to the singing of birds



After admiring the beautiful camellia and the beauty gods, they went to the National Arts Film Studio under the Xiqiao Mountain to experience the architectural styles of different eras. The goddesses were in a unique style.

The beautiful shadows are left under the streets.

Do you think this is the end of Queen's Day? ? ?
Certainly more than this! ! ! ~~


In the evening, and the beautiful gods return to the company to enjoy a rich barbecue buffet.
At the time of the barbecue, everyone had an orderly division of labor. The male colleague was responsible for the burn, and the female colleague was responsible for the food.
Enjoy the Queen's privileges!
It was fun for everyone to chat while eating and chatting.

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