First, brand positioning: green leads the fashion creative healthy life

With beautiful landscapes and beautiful flowers, Nanguo Taoyuan is located adjacent to Hemei's production base. The fresh air provides a perfect production environment for Hemei Ceramics. The selection of natural and environmentally friendly ceramic raw materials and the use of the world's leading environmental protection technologies create a healthy environment. Environmental protection provides a guarantee. Hemei Ceramics savors the natural and harmonious world of nature and beauty, sharing a perfect new life of fashion and health.

Second, brand slogan: green and beautiful quality of life

Green, vibrant, vibrant; green, closely related to life. Hemei Ceramics is committed to advocating a green and environmentally friendly quality of life, pursuing the harmonious development of people and society and the environment, and providing a green, environmentally-friendly and stylish living space for the new generation of humans pursuing a high quality of life, making life more pleasing.

Third, the brand concept: the pursuit of a new green life

Green is beautiful and healthy. Both in the past and in the future, Hemei Ceramics will unwaveringly regard “green, environmental protection, and fashion” as the product's use value and the core value of the brand, and regard the export of green, healthy and fashionable products as the fundamental principle for the survival and development of the company. Never stop pursuing the green new life.

Fourth, brand advocate

Fashion United States: Entering the United States, Fun Fashionable

Hemei Ceramics always pays attention to the international trend and employs top international designers. With cutting-edge design and fashion as the background, it integrates Chinese local cultural design products with a brand-new leading space concept as the carrier to lead the 8090 fashion trend indicator. The trend of the world's fashion.

Green United States: Entering the United States and experiencing a new green life

Blindly pursuing sales, disregarding product health, or focusing on people's livelihood, using green environmental protection as the corporate philosophy, will always put consumers' health in the first place, and different companies have given different answers. With the guidance of the concept of green environmental protection, Hemei Ceramics has achieved the environmental protection of all aspects of production through the selection of natural environmental protection raw materials, the innovation of the process, and the optimization of the sewerage system. Consumers choose Hemei not only to choose green products, but also to choose a green lifestyle.

Public interest and beauty: Entering the United States and practicing the spirit of public welfare

With the heart of kindness and heart, we take the initiative to provide society with social responsibility for expanding employment and collecting taxes through taxation. It is one of the key enterprises supported by the Foshan Municipal Government and is responsible for a number of provincial and municipal scientific research projects. Actively committing itself to the cause of environmental protection and public welfare, in the process of development and growth, we will protect the environment and repay the society as the mission of the company itself, and show a high sense of social responsibility in the United States.